From LAND Studio: The Art Wall is a rotating art space on Public Square located on the back side of the restaurant REBOL on the quadrant in front of the Terminal Tower. Digitally-printed murals by diverse local artists adorn the cafe wall and rotate every three to fourth months, creating a constantly changing outdoor gallery space that inspires conversation among visitors.
"Our Garden" is inspired by the prevalence of community gardens in Cleveland neighborhoods. I believe that through the act of gardening, we are both literally and figuratively putting roots in the ground and growing a sense of home in our communities. The line drawings of overlapping buildings that are layered on top of the focal image suggest that perhaps what residents are planting seeds for is much bigger than the garden itself. These line drawings also reference the lines on a map and suggest an inherent interconnectivity between all residents and neighborhoods. I am always fascinated by Cleveland’s unrelenting dedication to growth, hard work, and resilience. Gardening is just one way that we support each other and come together as a city.
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